The three principles of the MODETECH risk management policy:

  1. Prevent disasters and reduce possible disaster losses.
  2. Preventive measure: Closely integrate all key factors to stop disasters from happening.
  3. .Environmental protection and health & safety policies: Environmental protection and health & safety management is a determining factor of the future of a corporation. Our company, pursuant to the environmental management system and workplace health and safety management system upholds the following business principles for the assurance of our future: ¡§pollution prevention¡¨, ¡§environmental friendly designs¡¨, ¡§accident prevention¡¨, and ¡§foster employee health and safety, and protect company assets¡¨.

In MODETECH, risk management covers the following essentials:
Training and incentive programs enhance the high-risk alarm awareness of workers:

  1. Realize the employee and supplier industrial health, safety, and environmental protection training.
  2. Include the employee performance in industrial health, safety, and environmental. protection matters into the employee¡¦s individual performance evaluation matters.
  3. Establish a risk control suggestion and improvement system.

The safety standards for improving the existing equipment and newly purchasing equipment are conformed to the national standards.

Make sure that the system and procedures of the company carry out equipment safety operations

  • Work Permit System
  • Locking/Labeling
  • Hazardous Object Control
  • Environmental Management System
  • Workplace Health and Safety Management System
  • Risk analysis ¡VFailure Model Analysis (FMECA)

Audit System
Continuous internal and independent audits for high-standard risk safeguard maintenance.

  • Departmental self-inspection system
  • ISO9000 Internal Audit System
  • TS16949 Internal Audit System
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